GOST presentation at OSGeo.nl day

GOST presentation at OSGeo.nl day

Nov 22, 2016. | By: Tim

OSGeo.nl invited Bert and me to give a presentation about OGC SensorThings API and our open-source solution GOST during the OSGeo.nl day which took place at the yearly GeoBuzz conference in ‘s-Hertogenbosh The Netherlands.

Presentation slides

The presentation slides does not have much text and probably needs some explanation but if you want to take a look than you can find it here


In the demo we wanted to show how easy it is to work with OGC SensorThings API and GOST and reserved 10 minutes for it. Maybe it was a bit technical but after 10 minutes we had a new instance of GOST running including PostGIS, Mosquitto and Node-RED using Docker. After adding a Thing, Location, Datastream, Sensor and ObservedProperty using Postman and explaining it we started pushing gyroscope sensor readings from a phone to GOST using MQTT showing a live graph in the GOST dashboard. To show how easy it is to also do something with the live data we created a Node-RED flow which sended an automated tweet when the phone screen was facing down.

So complete installation, configuration, sensor information publishing and event stream processing all working live on stage in 10 minutes, success…

tweet end demo

GOST GeoBuzz


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